Hoover Elementary School

Hoover Elementary School


  • $30 million
  • 40,000 square feet


Constructability Review & Budget Conformance


  • Compressed project phases to save the District $5M
  • Reconfigured building/classroom placement on Campus to improve traffic safety
  • Negotiated & expedited Municipal utility construction to serve the project in advance of major roadway reconstruction.
  • Rigorous constructability review and correction to eliminate $3M in potential change order and delay impacts prior to bid.


  • Seismic retrofit of seventy year-old elementary school classroom wings, new construction of single-story classroom buildings, and new construction of combined function Administration + Multi-purpose + Library + Kitchen Building.
  • Replacement of all major campus utilities, including offsite construction in City right-of-way.
  • Construction of temporary classroom portable swing space to move teachers and students out of rooms scheduled for major retrofit.
  • Complete replacement of playing field, irrigation, installation of new emergency vehicle fire access road and private hydrants.