Laredo LPOE 1&2

fs3H was contracted as CMa (Construction Manager as Advisor) for the Laredo 1&2 Land Ports of Entry by GSA Region 7.


GSA Region 7


Commissioning, Construction Management, Cost Management, On-Site QA/QC, Partnering, Quality Management, Schedule Management, Administrative Support, Change Management, Commissioning, Cost Estimating, Document Control, Risk Management

Project Size

162,000 SF


Laredo, TX

The Laredo Land Ports of Entry 1&2 at Convent Avenue and Juárez-Lincoln are among the busiest international ports in the country and remained operational throughout the entire renovation and expansion process. This requirement added a layer of complexity to the project and necessitated community involvement and town hall meetings.

Prior to this project, the ports struggled with traffic congestion and there was a critical need for a greater capacity and improved processing times. The expansion and modernization improved pedestrian and vehicular flow across the border and upgraded the facility's functionality, allowing the Department of Homeland Security to better fulfill it’s mission. Throughout our 6-year involvement in this project, fs3H received unanimous EXCEPTIONAL annual performance ratings from the U.S. Government. In 2023, this project was selected for a GSA Construction Excellence award, due to the on-time and under-budget completion and level of service provided as owner representatives.
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